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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I have to ride a Harley to participate?

Who can volunteer to help out?

How do I sign up as a volunteer?

Do I have to be a City of Fairfax or Fairfax County resident to participate?

Do I have to be a Fairfax H.O.G. member to participate?

What time do I really have to be there to get in line for the ride?

Where do I park or stage my bike for this event?

Will someone be there to show us where and how to stage our bikes?

If I have a question or problem once I’m in line, who can I ask?

Can I leave my bike on the street to go get breakfast?

How can I insure that my friend and I won’t get separated?

Will there be restroom facilities available to those waiting in line?

Will the dealer, Patriot H-D, be open that morning?

Will there be any vendors?

Will the Ride of the Patriots be escorted?

Will we be riding side by side during the escorted ride?

Will helmets be required?

Where will the Opening Ceremonies be held?

When does the Opening Ceremony start?

Who will be the keynote speaker and other honored guests?

What will be our route to the Pentagon?

Will I be able to break away of the Patriots to avoid entering the Pentagon parking area?

Is it possible that bikes will be separated in the Pentagon parking area?

Can I leave the Pentagon parking area early?

Are lavatory, food and vendor facilities available at the Pentagon?

Is Rolling To Remember a worthy event?